The blockchain-knowledge provider for institutional investors, 21 Treasuries, started their podcast debut with a special guest: Oliver Schantin, the Co-Founder and CEO of the token-based accounting platform

Oliver talked about the challenges in Bitcoin adoption, financial freedom and gave some insights on why freelancers love to get paid in…

With a booming global Freelancer market and cryptocurrencies on the rise, the need for an easy-to-use and powerful accounting tool for the token-based economy is imminent. is aiming to solve this problem and help freelancers worldwide to implement token-based payments and invoicing features into their business.

Oliver Schantin, CEO…

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Take - aways

  • So-called hash values ensure the data integrity of blocks in the system.
  • The blockchain is considered tamper-proof.
  • The technology is the technical basis for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.
  • Another important application example for the blockchain is the indubitable proof of ownership.
  • The blockchain is not rigid, it can be varied…
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Another medium blog about the blockchain? Yes, but what a blog!’s approach is different from most other publications on the subject. This is neither a superficial description of the blockchain and its applications nor a technical book for computer scientists. It’s about the concept: what are the ideas behind…

Crypto Currencies Pt. VI

Key Takeaways

  • There are also scammers in the scene. You should be wary, for example, if the program code of the cryptocurrency is not open source code.
  • Finally, there are first crypto funds: Exante, for example, is a regulated investment fund that invests in Bitcoins and…
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Key Takeaways

  • Litecoin is less of an alternative to bitcoin despite its market cap
  • Potential ways of earning money include ICOs & “buy-and-hold”-strategies

No real alternative is Litecoin, which is one of the five largest cryptocoins in terms of market capitalization. It has many parallels to Bitcoin, but shares its weaknesses. One…

Key Take Aways

- Cryptocoins can be profitable investments.
- The majority of commodities can already be purchased with Bitcoins.

If you want to use your Cyptocoins, there are now many avenues open to you: Numerous online stores accept cryptocurrencies. Outside the Internet, however, the options are still limited: The service, …

The heart of your balance sheet

Mission: At we are convinced, that a growing blockchain ecosystem requires intelligent accounting. Our mission is to empower businesses to embrace crypto payments, preparing for an industry built on blockchain.

We are Oliver, Jan, Ehsan and Julio. Introducing as a mission statement requires individuals who share the same…

Key Take-Aways

- In order to buy cryptocoins, one must have a wallet, a software that is more comparable to a bunch of keys than a wallet.
- Cryptocurrencies can be bought directly from individuals, but also on exchanges or online exchanges.

Send, receive and store cryptocoins
Anyone interested in cryptocoins must first…

Key Take-Aways

- The blockchain — the technology on which cryptocurrencies are based — is comparable to a public ledger.
- Bitcoin miners (“prospectors”) verify transactions and are remunerated for their activities with cryptocoins.
- In Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), companies issue blockchain-based tokens to finance themselves.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are based…

The crypto heart of your accounting

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