Why Do You Need Crypto Accounting And Invoicing For Digital Assets? — An Interview with Oliver Schantin

basenode.io empowers you to get paid in crypto today

The traditional finance system has many obstacles for freelancers in this global economy. You will have to wait many days before your money arrives, while paying high transaction and conversion fees are eating away your salary! Payments in crypto enable you to receive your payment cheap and fast! But how will you keep track of your crypto portfolio? Manually tracking can be very time-consuming while you struggle to keep up with your local accounting legislation. basenode.io takes this burden off you! Simply by entering your crypto wallet address, your crypto accounting journey can begin! You can track your crypto portfolio on many different blockchains like Ethereum, Binance smart chain or polygon to name a few, even tracking NFTs is possible. The process for creating invoices and reports for payments in crypto gets simplified by the easily accessible tools on the website. With basenode.io it was never easier to get paid in crypto.

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In the Interview, Valentin Kalinov from the International Token Standardization Association partners up with Oliver Schantin from Basenode.io. Additionally, to a glimpse of the origin of Basenode.io, the interesting future and upcoming problems of cryptocurrencies are discussed.

About basenode.io

At basenode.io, our mission is to eliminate the gap between traditional accounting and blockchain-based accounting. basenode.io is the easy-to-use accounting solution for digital assets that offers seamless crypto invoicing and portfolio tracking. We provide a self-explanatory user interface with a clean and modern look, that naturally supports your workflow. We support the most popular networks like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Lightning, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Ronin Chain, and more

About the author

John L. Schantin has been deeply involved in the blockchain space for several years. With a background in computer science and smart contract development, he is always on the search for innovative applications for blockchain technologies. You can contact him via LinkedIn.



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